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1) e-submission of salary bills [ (Click here for SDOs Detailed Instructions) and (Click here for DDOs Detailed Instructions) ] is extended to all the remaining treasuries in Kerala from the salary bills for 4/2014 onwards. For details see Cir.36/2014/Fin dated, 16.4.2014. visit,

2) All DDOs and Head of offices are requested to update the data of all employees in SPARK under the menus.......personal memoranda, including photo and signature, present service details, contact details and qualification details before 15.4.2014. SDOs are also requested to update the same. Otherwise it will be difficult to process the salary of the employees with incomplete data from 4/2014 salary. Please see the instructions in Cir.25/2014/Fin dated, 17.3.2014, website

3) From 01.01.2014, Guest Facility at SPARK Help Desk will be available from 12 PM to 1 PM and 3 PM to 5PM on all working days. Kindly cooperate.

4) AS part of automatic issue of Password through SMS, all employees are requested to update their current mobile numbers in their Profile -personal memoranda-contact details for SDOs and Service matters - personal details - contact details for NGOs .

5) Please ensure your Head of Account from Treasury and the Head of Account mentioned under the menu accounts->initialisation->head code and the Head of account mentioned under the menu present salary details (in the case of SDO) and under the menu salary matters->establishment bill types (in the case of DDO) must exactly be the same.

6) Online submission of salary bills Circular No 70-2013-Fin Dated 25-09-2013

7) For latest updates and information on SPARK, please visit our website

  Service and Payroll Administrative Repository
for Kerala is an Integrated Personnel, Payroll and Accounts information system for all the Employees in Government of Kerala. The system caters to the Personnel Administration, Payroll and other Accounts activities of Government Establishments. Every employee is allotted with a unique Permanent Employee Number (PEN) through the system. This Centralized system helps the departments to get details of any employee immediately, achieve highest level of transparency in dealing with the employees, more consistent application of rules etc. In the payroll side, accurate and automatic payroll processing is facilitated. It also ensures that the rules and regulations are uniformly applied to all employees there by avoiding complaints and achieving better employee relations...
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